Travel Planner to Sharm El-Sheikh

Travel Planner

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Travel Planner When you are planning to visit Egypt you have to read about the culture of Egypt before you plan, as it a unique culture as many of visitors come to Egypt, they shocked and said it is really unique else anywhere we visit before, we can help you to create and plan...
Entry Visa to Egypt and Sharm el-Sheikh

Egypt and Sharm el-Sheikh Entry Visa

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Egypt Entry Visa Visitors and tourists can take an entry visa on passport at any of the main Egyptian ports or airports, airports, you should have a valid passport (valid for at least 6 months) to get the entry visa to Egypt and also you can obtain the entry visa from the...
Sharm el-Sheikh Travel Tips

Sharm el-Sheikh Travel and Holiday Tips

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Sharm el-Sheikh Travel Tips Be aware of the following points:- When you want a taxi, it would be better to ask the reception of your hotel to bring you a one because they have a certain taxis assigned or others they know well or contact your transfer agent. When you want to tour...
English arabic phrase book for traveler

Useful Phrase Book

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Useful Phrase Book Here below you will find the pronunciation of basics words, phrases and numbers you may use while you in Egypt. Just check the next pronunciation rules and other letters are pronounced as same as pronunciation in English. “A” like  –>...